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TLX Gold is a 2 in 1 insulating breather membrane, venting moisture like a breather membrane, whilst insulating like non-breathable PIR board. The key benefit of the product is to improve the thermal performance of a roof without concern of condensation or having to adjust the height of the roof itself,  re-roofing is made easy using TLX Gold.

TLX Gold is Sd intelligent, i.e. it responds to changes in the environment. When humidity increases, the vapour permeability of the product increases and similarly, when humidity goes down, the vapour permeability of TLX Gold goes down, hence condensation risk is eliminated, even with no vapour barrier.

The TLX Gold product is lightweight, quick and easy to fit, comes with European technical approval and is endorsed by LABC. The product has been fitted in over 15,000 roofs and in many cases, removal of existing insulation isn’t necessary.

33mm thick - seven-layer composite structure.

• Sd intelligent (the more moisture the more TLX Gold breathes). 
 Upgrades existing insulation.
 Replaces roof underlay.
 Comes with integrated tape.
 Air barrier.
 Allows water vapour to pass through.
 Controls heat loss through management of convection, conduction and radiation.
 Requires minimal space.
 Easy and quick to install.
 Light weight.
 Clean and easy to use, no protective clothing required.

 Top layer high performance breather membrane.
 Core of PET wadding interleaved with reflective films.
 Bottom layer of reflective film.
 All layers are breathable, so moisture passes through.
 Bottom layer reflects infra-red rays back into living space.
 Weight = 10.8kg.

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