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Stressline Timber Frame Lintel 100mm Cavity SL90 TF @ 1500mm

Naturally, timber frame steel lintels are designed for timber frame construction and intended to support the outer leaf of masonry only.

HD (heavy duty) versions are available.

The timber frame steel lintel is easy to install and like our other main lintels has a galvanised finish.

Timber frame (or TF) lintels are available in 50mm 70mm and 90mm variants.

They can be manufactured to suit WOL (wide outer leaf) and SOL (short outer leaf) applications. 


Timber Frame Lintels (TF) are designed for use in timber frame construction and are intended to support the outer leaf of masonry only, generally brickwork.

Additional installation requirements for (TF) type lintels 

To avoid excessive deflection and possible twisting, lintels should be secured laterally with restraining clips and should be adequately propped during construction at maximum 1.2 meter centres. Props can be removed after the mortar has cured. 

A tight fitting timber batten (supplied by others) should be placed at mid span to help prevent any lateral deflection.

Restraining clips to be spaced at maximum 500mm centres, starting from mid span. Clips must be nailed to the timber frame

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